Michael Bisping suggests that Dan Henderson will be on PEDs for their UFC title fight

Dan Henderson flexing muscles

With the recent news that both Dan Henderson and UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping have verbally agreed to fight at UFC 204 in Machester, the hype has just started.

Bisping announced on his radio show, “The Countdown with Michael Bisping” that the two will meet in the Octagon on October 8 to fight for the middleweight title.

Henderson has stated that this very well could be his last fight and is “ready mentally to retire” whether he wins or loses. This mindset has Bisping a bit concerned about what Hendo may do to enhance his performance for the fight.

“Let me tell you this, lightning does not strike twice,” Bisping said on his radio show (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “It struck once the first time, it will not strike twice. There will be no TRT, no drugs, no steroids, no performance-enhancing drugs. Dan Henderson I challenge you to announce to me at the press conference that you will not take any performance-enhancing drugs, that if USADA show up on any day, any time they can test you, because I think he’s gonna cheat. I think he’s gonna go out there and have some sneaky PEDs because he’s gonna think, ‘Well screw it. If I get suspended, so what? I’m retiring anyway.’

“I think he’s gonna juice because if he gets popped, he’s just gonna get suspended. That is no consequence to him and people will remember that he retired as champion even though it would be a No Contest. If he was to get the win, he could still retire saying, ‘I just beat the world champion.'”

If USADA finds that a fighter tests positive prior to a scheduled bout, they will be pulled from their scheduled fight, much like Jon Jones was days before UFC 200, which Bisping touches on.

“But then again, the problem with that is if he was to go out there and do that, with USADA, – and I’m gonna make sure this guy is thoroughly tested – and if he was to test positive, then the fight would be off. So that is the only deterrent I think. Because he’s gonna earn a lot of money for this fight and if he wants to collect on that paycheck, he’s got to make it to the octagon. So he’s playing with fire but we’ve seen it time and time again, people do play with fire even though they know USADA might turn up…People do make these stupid f**king mistakes. Dan Henderson being a weird version of bloody Fred Flintstone – that’s what I’m gonna nickname him, he looks like Fred Flintstone – he will probably make that mistake.”