Michael Bisping fires back at Dan Henderson: “Shame on you”

Michael Bisping

The war of words between bitter rivals Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson continued this week during the UFC 204 Gym Day.

The pair have a feud dating back seven years to season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter where Bisping coached ‘Team United Kingdom’ and Henderson coached ‘Team United States’. Following the end of the season, the pair met inside the Octagon at UFC 100. Henderson went on to win the fight via knockout, landing his now-famous H-Bomb on Bisping, leaving ‘The Count’ starched on the canvas.

Dan Henderson

While Bisping moved on, he admittedly never got over the loss. Recently, at the UFC 204 Gym Day ahead of their scheduled scrap on October 8th, Bisping pointed out that when the pair first fought, Henderson was on TRT, which at the time was legal in the eyes of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Bisping implied that Henderson was cheating the system given that when TRT was banned, Henderson was able to continue fighting.

Henderson fired back at Bisping, stating that Bisping is the man who looks different since their first meeting, whereas he simply has some more gray hair.

Bisping fired back at Henderson’s comments regarding his changed physique, saying (Quotes via MMAFighting):

“Yeah, through blood, sweat, and tears and hard work,” Bisping said. “Dan Henderson saying that just shows what a moron he is. Take one look at Dan Henderson, you can see there’s not much going on in between there. Captain Caveman. Fred Flintstones. Whatever you want to call it. You can see he is a throwback to the Neanderthal man.

“For him to throw out insinuations like that, shame on you Dan Henderson. I’ve been tested more times than anybody — I don’t know if that’s accurate, but i’m still gonna do a Chael Sonnen and say that — I’ve been tested more times than anybody, I’ve never even come close. Not even a whistle. Not even a hint of suspicion in any of my tests. You can test my blood right now. I will piss in any cup you want.”

Bisping wins

As we previously pointed out, since the UFC’s partnership with the US Anti-Doping Agency, Bisping has been tested 8 times out of competition, and Henderson has been tested 15 times out of competition, with neither man failing a test.

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