Michael Bisping blasts middleweight title contenders

Michael Bisping

Since Michael Bisping won the UFC middleweight championship by knocking out Luke Rockhold in the main event of UFC 199, he has found himself being called out by nearly everyone in the top 5 of the UFC’s middleweight division.

Bisping has done his best to respond to all of the challenges, pointing out that Luke Rockhold was just knocked out, Jacare Souza and Chris Weidman are injured, and that Yoel Romero has been suspended. However, the champ appears to be getting frustrated.

He spoke to Starsport:

“It’s like they all think that I’ve stolen the belt and that it’s by accident. It isn’t by accident,” he told Starsport.

“I’ve been in here longer than any of the bloody idiots. I’ve paid my dues and the only people that really beat me were on performing enhancing drugs.

“And if they’ve got a problem with it come and fight me, come and try take it off me. Don’t say little bitchy things in the media. Win a fight, establish yourself as the no.1 contender and then we’ll do it.”

Video | Khabib Nurmagomedov

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