Matt Riddle Thinks His Wife Is Cheating On Him

By BJPENN.COM News - May 21, 2014

Former UFC welterweight fighter, Matt Riddle has taken to Facebook with a troubling status.

“So I’m pretty sure my wife cheated on me, she got a text last night from a guy named Gavin saying” hi sexy Lisa” then I made my wife call him and when she did he was acting like they knew each other, until she mentioned I was listening then he changed his tune said he doesn’t talk to married women, so I asked what the girl looked like and he described a brunette with fake boobs, which is my wife, she says nothing happened and that her friend got the number and texted him from her phone. I wanna believe her but I don’t and I work to hard to be treated like this” Phone Post 3.0

While unconfirmed, Riddle, who’s a self-admitted cannabis user, is hopefully just experiencing some paranoia as a side-effect.

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