VIDEO | Comedian Katt Williams sucker punches a 7th grader in the face then almost gets choked out

By Russell Ess - March 23, 2016

Comedian Katt Williams has been having a rough time in life recently. After Williams made headlines for alleged battery in late February, he was arrested about two weeks later for alleged aggravated assault, terroristic threats and false imprisonment, as well as facing drugs and weapons charges. The arrest was a result due to an investigation regarding Williams and his “associates” kidnapping one of his own bodyguards after not participating “in criminal activity as directed by Williams,” according to CNN.

Williams may again be in trouble as a new video has been released showing Williams getting in a physical fight with a young boy. Different reports say the boy in the video that Williams sucker punches is in the 7th grade while others report that the kid in his teens.

Regardless, after Williams punches the kid in the face, the boy retaliates and takes Williams to the ground and gets him in a chokehold until the crowd surrounding them breaks it up.

Ex-girlfriend of Williams, Hazel-e took to Instagram to talk about Williams but later deleted the post which was captioned, “Before it went down a concerned fan reached out to me…this is how these events happen…they always start like this…. Google paranoid bipolar schizophrenia… & his name & then we can start to save this man so many of us love, I can’t be mad at him, if it’s not him who acts this way … You under-dig me. But once again it was never about ride or die, the raid was not the first day I coulda died, that was the last day I decided to put my life on the line.”

TMZ reports the latest on the investigation behind the video:
Law enforcement sources tell us the police have reviewed the video and have launched a criminal investigation with Katt as the target. Katt, who is also on bail for multiple assault charges, is currently out on bail but one of the conditions is that he keeps his nose clean. The police are also reviewing the bail order to determine if he violated and whether bail should be revoked.

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