Joe Rogan breaks down MMA bouts between Floyd Mayweather and McGregor, CM Punk

Joe Rogan, Floyd Mayweather, UFC

Floyd Mayweather’s potential move to MMA is a seriously hot topic these days. Of course, it’s unlikely the legendary boxer would have much of a chance in the UFC’s Octagon – particularly against his arch rival Conor McGregor.

Speaking on Tuesday’s edition of The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show UFC commentator Joe Rogan broke down Mayweather’s chances of success in a potential MMA bout with McGregor. Unsurprisingly, he thinks they’re incredibly slim.

“Whatever the [expletive] odds Vegas puts on [a McGregor vs. Mayweather MMA bout], that’s cute,” Rogan said (/t “If it’s 10-1, 100-1, I bet it’s going to be like 900-1. Something crazy. ‘Buster’ Douglas was only 42-1 [against Mike Tyson]. If they’re smart, because Conor’s going to kick his legs out – he’s not even going to have a chance to come close enough. Conor’s going to kick his [expletive] legs out; he doesn’t have any chance. Then if he decides to shoot in and clinch, he’s going to clinch and he’s going to rag doll him.”

While Rogan gives Mayweather almost no chance against McGregor, he does believe he’d have a real shot at beating much larger pro wrestling export CM Punk in an MMA fight.

“Listen, if this fight [with McGregor] takes place, Floyd doesn’t have a chance. [Against CM Punk], Floyd’s got a real chance.”

“CM Punk is way bigger. Let’s be honest about that,” Rogan said. “CM Punk is a guy who was wrestling at like 190 pounds, cut weight to get to 170 to fight in the UFC. He’s not on anything. I’m pretty sure, at least according to everyone I’ve talked to everyone that knows anything about him, [he’ clean]. That said, Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer, maybe of all-time – at least on paper he is. Unbelievable accomplishments; 50-0. I don’t care if the last fight was Conor McGregor. He’s still 50-0. That’s [expletive] insane. He’s on another level of everyone who is on another level.”

While a Floyd Mayweather vs. CM Punk MMA fight is about as likely as UFC President Dana White suddenly sprouting a full head of hair, Mayweather’s Uncle Jeff recently suggested it could happen.

“I don’t know who that is, but we might actually whoop his ass first,” Jeff Mayweather said in a recent chat with Jody Kohn.

What do you think of Joe Rogan’s assessment of Floyd Mayweather’s chances in the Octagon?

This article first appeared on on 2/14/2018.

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