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VIDEO | BJJ instructor makes student cry with awesome belt promotion


For those that train in any martial art, they know the feeling of accomplishment when they get ranked with a promotion. It takes time, dedication, and discipline to stick with all the techniques, drilling, and sparring to advance to the next level, which not everyone is able to do once they find themselves in a class for the first time.

For this Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, she was caught totally off guard with her promotion that took place in the middle of a sparring session with her instructor.

In the video, the black belt instructor is seen controlling the student on the ground and gets the old belt off during their sparring session. Another patron of the class then gets a blue belt to the instructor without the student seeing and drops it within reach.

jiu jitsu belt ranking

The instructor manages to get the new belt and tie it around his student’s waist, still without her seeing what is going on. Once tied, the instructor takes the mount position where he attacks with an armbar. The student manages to put up enough defense from the armbar attack to make the instructor transition to a triangle choke and then goes back to an armbar attack. The instructor goes through another transition back to a triangle choke and finally gets his newly promoted student to tap out due to the submission.

Upon getting up and showing her respect to her teacher, the student looks down to see the blue belt wrapped around her waist and is caught by surprise and immediately wraps her gi top over her face as she lets out a ton of emotion. The newly promoted student then gets congratulated by her teammates for her accomplishment as she finally stands to her feet with more praise from her jiu-jitsu family.

blue belt

Such a classic moment caught on video for her to cherish as she continues on her martial arts journey.

What are your thoughts on this unique Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt promotion? Share some memorable experiences of promotions you have been a part of and tell us the story in the comment section!

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