Ben Askren Argues if Georges St-Pierre is About Legacy Fights Then He’s the Only Opponent

Georges St-Pierre finally had his first lengthy interview since a health battle forced him to bow out of the middleweight division and vacate the title he just won. The multi-million dollar question is who St-Pierre would fight if he comes back and which division he’d be in. It’s not a simple question. All of the fights that media members and fans would have thought could be possibilities, St-Pierre shot them down for one reason or another. The only man he seemed most interested in was Ben Askren, only to then claim his lack of exposure would be why he wouldn’t fight him.

“[Georges St-Pierre]’s contradicting himself and when you say something like, ‘I only care about my legacy.’ GSP has made many, many millions and if he’s been smart and saved them, a few more millions ain’t going to help him that much. That’s what most athletes have to realize and I didn’t make nearly as much money as GSP, but I realize from my early days growing up and I’ve said this many times now, most athletes stay too long and most athletes spend too much money. For GSP, if he wants to say it’s all about his legacy, I’m the guy he has to fight if he wants to grow that legacy because I’m the person people are pointing at and saying, ‘That is the guy that can beat GSP.'”

“I don’t think the ship has sailed at all. I think there’s a few more bridges that we may need to cross to make it happen, but obviously in that interview Georges showed a high level of respect for me and he said that not enough people know who I am or whatever. I think in due time situations can change and maybe that’s a fight that we both can make happen. Frankly, the way GSP is, I figure the guy’s made enough money, the guy’s had enough fame, at some point. And I’ve made a lot less money than GSP, I’ve had a lot less fame than GSP and at this point in my career, I’m saying I only want to fight the best people because I want to test myself. I wish GSP would think the same thing and I thought he was a great sportsman, so for him with as much money and as much fame as he has, getting more money and getting more fame should become fairly irrelevant in your life.”—Ben Askren speaking to TSN.

The biggest fight for Georges St-Pierre hands down is a fight with Conor McGregor, but according to St-Pierre, it would just fill up his wallet and not do that much for his legacy. Diego Sanchez thinks otherwise, especially if they were to kick-off the 165-pound division, but if not McGregor and all the others then who? Sure, not as many casual fans may know Ben Askren, but put out a good hour-long Countdown show and hold the fight in Canada and it gets the biggest numbers the UFC has had since McGregor or GSP’s return against Michael Bisping.

This article first appeared on on 3/8/2018.

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