Ben Askren Would Fight Nick Diaz If He Could ‘Stay off the pipe’


Who’s up for some fictional and totally irrelevant match making? Today we’re going to talk about a fight between two former welterweight champions. One was the Bellator champion until he left the promotion in order to go on to bigger and better things. He was not offered a UFC contract, so now he fights for ONE FC. The other was the Strikeforce┬áchampion for quite some time before the promotion was no more. He had fights in the UFC against some big names, but then decided to retire and has stayed inactive ever since. Yes, we’re talking about a fight between Ben Askren and Nick Diaz. Why? Because someone asked Askren about it and he gave a pretty interesting answer.

Askren spoke on MMA Roasted about the possibility of fighting the elder Diaz brother.

“Diaz, man he ain’t even fighting no more, why would I talk about me against someone who’s retired? Well, if Nick Diaz can stay off the pipe, maybe I’ll fight him. He’s like taking down a wet paper bag. I don’t think I’d have much trouble. He’d probably be flipping me off and shit, but I’ll just smile at him.”

Are you guys on the edge of your seats waiting for this fight to happen? Yeah, I’m not either. Askren fights for ONE FC and unless the UFC has a change of heart and feels like they need to go and sign him this fight will never happen. Or I suppose Diaz could come out of retirement, somehow sign with ONE FC and fight Askren. But why would he do that? He wouldn’t. So what he have here is Askren just answering a question. I’m sure the two might have a nice Twitter battle or something. That would probably be more interesting than a fight between the two actually.

By Ryan Miller | Twitter

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