VIDEO | Cocky boxer gets brutally knocked out

Occasionally, a fighter is so overly confident that they appear to believe that they are unstoppable. This can go one of two ways. While fighters such as Anderson Silva and Michael Page have found great success in baiting fighters in with taunts, others such as the boxer above find themselves out cold on the canvas after being served a harsh dose of karma.

Check out the brutal KO above!

This comes on the heels of a clip surfacing recently that shows MMA fighter Joe Harding showboating in his BCMMA 18 fight before then being brutally knocked out with a head kick. The clip went viral given Harding’s taunting throughout the fight leading up to the vicious KO.

Michael venom Page

On the flip side however, the ‘hands down’ style has produced numerous highlight reel knockout wins, such as Michael Page’s tornado kick knockout in his professional debut, where he defeated Ben Dishman in the very 1st round in impressive fashion.

This article first appeared on on 3/25/2017.

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