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Quickly after Georges St. Pierre’s (24-2, 18-2 in UFC) recent win in Montreal, his next…

3.21.12@10:50 AM
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With another Georges St. Pierre near perfection win in the books at UFC 158, the…

3.21.12@10:03 AM
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UFC middleweight and Ultimate Fighter season 11 veteran, Brad Tavares has called out his next…

3.19.12@9:32 AM
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Dana White: (referring to Condit)”What he did tonight showed he was a well rounded mixed…

3.16.12@10:59 PM
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A lot will be settled this Saturday in Montreal. Carlos Condit will get a chance…

3.13.12@5:12 PM
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Quickly after winning the first women’s UFC bout via her signature first round arm bar,…

3.7.12@8:56 AM
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Renan Barao is solidifying the title of “Interim Champion” more than almost any fighter in…

3.6.12@12:04 PM
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Yesterday, the UFC sent shockwaves into the MMA community with a massive downsize of a…

2.21.12@9:34 AM
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On Tuesday, Dan White confirmed that 16 fighters were cut from the UFC’s roster. Wagner…

2.20.12@12:09 PM
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A light heavyweight battle has been added to the quickly improving Memorial Day Weekend UFC…

2.19.12@8:34 PM
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After the news of canadian welterweight, Rory MacDonald pulling out of his UFC 158 bout…

2.18.12@6:04 PM
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On today’s UFC 157 conference call, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida sounded off on the implications…

2.12.12@4:07 PM
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Irishman Conor McGregor comes into the Octagon this Spring followed by a world of hype….

2.11.12@12:40 PM
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