Mayweather Jr. Tried To Pay Pilot To Pass Ricky Hatton’s Plane Mid-Air


So apparently, Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t like to lose at anything, even plane rides.

In boxer Ricky Hatton’s memoir, War and Peace: My Story, he details a time when he and Mayweahter were flying to New York in separate planes and, well, just read below for the story.

“A few minutes into the the journey, we’re chatting away, having a drink when the pilot gestures to me to come forward. ‘Hey Ricky, listen to this idiot. He turns on the speaker and over the radio I hear Floyd arguing with the pilot of his plane behind: ‘I’m not letting that motherfucker get there before me, fucking overtake them!’ ‘We can’t do that, Sir,’ the pilot said. ‘Overtake that motherfu*ker — I’m the champ! I’ve got to get to New York first. I’ll pay whatever you want.'”

I mean, does this really surprise anyone. The guy has an obscene amount of money and can basically buy what ever he wants, why wouldn’t he think he can pay to have a pilot fly past another plane just for the sake of landing first. Geez.

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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