OUCH! Fighter hits opponent with DDT after locking in guillotine choke

By BJPENN.COM News - October 18, 2015


Legacy Fighting Championship always seems to be a great way to kick off the weekend with an exciting event, but they owned the week with “Legacy 47” on Friday! Josh Blyden picked up a major submission win over Nick Sprayberry, but it wasn’t the guillotine choke that did all the damage.

Near the end of the first round, Sprayberry tried to press his opponent up against the cage so he could take him down. Blyden went along for the ride and actually grabbed a hold of Sprayberry’s neck in the process. As Sprayberry picked Blyden up for a takedown, Blyden wrapped his legs around the body of Sprayberry who proceeded to drop himself on his head! Sprayberry essentially DDTd himself before realizing he was trapped in a tight guillotine with nothing to do but tap out.

Check out the video above, captured by Zombie Prophet!

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