Askren “Good To Go” Without UFC Contract

Ben Askren

Ben Askren is widely believed to be the best fighter outside of the UFC. The 31-year old ONE FC welterweight champion has made waves by consistently calling out top ranked UFC welterweights, as well as UFC President Dana White.

In a recent interview with Sherdog, Askren discussed his current situation, and why he’s content with not fighting the UFC’s top ranked fighters.

“I’m not really concerned. I’m getting paid really well to do what I’m doing. I drive a 2007 Prius with 200,000 miles on it. I don’t care about having a fancy car. I don’t have a lot of the wants and needs that a lot of people have where I would need to make a $1 million a fight. It would be nice if it happened, but I’m already running a few successful businesses, I’m making a good amount of money to fight and I don’t have expensive tastes. Any way you slice it, I’m gonna be good to go.”

“One of the big things is I try not to worry about things I can’t control. It wasn’t my decision not to fight in America. I was never offered a contract to fight in the UFC. People conveniently forget that frequently. So what I did was I took the best offer on the table, which was One Championship. They’ve treated me very well since that point. I’ve had fun, and they always pack the house in Asia. I don’t care if you’re an Asian fan or an American fan, I’m happy to perform.”

Askren has compiled a 14-0 record throughout his MMA career, and has earned the reputation as one of the best wrestlers in the sport.

Do you think we will ever see Ben Askren join the UFC one day?

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