Dana White says that Georges St-Pierre is retired ‘as far as I’m concerned’

Georges St-Pierre

UFC President, Dana White and former two-division UFC champion, Georges St-Pierre are no strangers to saying opposite things. White has come out and done so once again.

During a recent interview with TSN, the UFC boss stated that GSP is retired.

“We’ve been talking about a fight with GSP, but GSP is retired. As far as I’m concerned, GSP is retired right now. He’s not interested in fighting anybody.

We were trying to do a fight with him and Nate Diaz in Los Angeles, and GSP doesn’t want the fight. GSP doesn’t want to fight right now. He’s not interested in fighting.”

White did indeed tell the world that GSP vs Nate Diaz was what he was planning for UFC 227 in LA on August 4th, however, neither fighter had agreed to anything and so it turned out to just be smoke from the big boss man.

Quickly after the release of this TSN interview, MMAJunkie confirmed with GSP’s manager Rodolphe Beaulieu that the MMA legend is indeed not retired.

“He was on Ariel [Helwani’s] show a few weeks ago and on Joe Rogan’s podcast a couple weeks ago and during a three-hour interview he never said he was retired. He mentioned on both what would interest him. On both interviews, he said exactly why he had no interest for the Diaz fight. He explained all his reasoning.”

Despite the continual back and forths that have go on over the years between White and St-Pierre, they will surely come to an agreement at some point when the time is right. Who St-Pierre may end up fighting is anyone’s guess. But all we do know is that the Canadian has made it very clear that he wants to keep achieving things that have never been done before.


This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 6/7/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM