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Metamoris 6 Results: Nunes & Friedrich Go Full 20 Minutes

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Evandro Nunes and Jimmy Friedrich are no strangers to each other. The last time they grappled together, they ended up rolling for over sixty minutes before Friedrich submitted Nunes. Tonight, their bout only went twenty minutes as they battled to a draw.

This match was all about defense. Even though we didn’t see a submission finish, we saw at least five different submission attempts look like they were going to finish the fight get defended.

Friedrich repeatedly tried to lock in his bread-and-butter heel hook but failed every single attempt. It was the hold that got him into this bout by winning the Road to Metamoris, but it failed him tonight.

Nunes was brilliant in his defense, but offered very little when it came to offense. It was one of those bouts where when the first ten minutes passed, you knew it was going to end in a draw.

Evandro Nunes and Jimmy Friedrich Grappled to a Draw (Time Limit)

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