Videos | Top 5 Submissions: UFC 1 – UFC 10

Check out videos of the top five submissions from the early days of the UFC, from UFC 1 to UFC 10, featuring the legendary BJJ expert Royce Gracie. In our latest series here at “Top 5 Submissions” we take a look at the most lethal submissions from the first 10 UFC events. All the […]

Chael Sonnen explains Eddie Bravo vs Royce Gracie beef

BJJ powerhouses, Royce Gracie and Eddie Bravo don’t see eye to eye. Chael Sonnen recently sat down on his Youtube channel to explain their ongoing feud. “[Royce] said, ‘People think I have a problem with Eddie [Bravo] because he came to Jiu-Jitsu and created a rubber guard, or because he renamed moves, or because he […]

VIDEO | Royce Gracie bare knuckle fight vs. 15-year undefeated kung fu fighter What would mixed martial arts be like without jiu-jitsu? Back in 1993, a tall and slender Brazilian by the name of Royce Gracie walked out to the UFC Octagon at UFC 1 wearing a jiu-jitsu gi with his black belt wrapped around his waist. Being outweighed by his opponents, Gracie shocked those viewing the […]

Royce Gracie wants Matt Hughes rematch

UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie made his highly anticipated return to MMA over a year ago, where he picked up a 1st round TKO win over Frank Shamrock. The fight was Gracie’s first in nearly a decade, and left fans wondering if they would ever see the 50 year old UFC icon set foot […]

Royce Gracie praises Demian Maia following win over Carlos Condit

This past Saturday in Vancouver, Demian Maia picked up arguably the biggest win of his UFC career as he submitted Carlos Condit in the first round of their main event scrap. The finish was a beautiful one that left many MMA fans stunned given that Condit had never been submitted in the UFC, and possess […]