Bellator middleweight champ Rafael Lovato relinquishes belt amid health concerns

Rafael Lovato Jr. has relinquished the Bellator middleweight title after revealing he’s suffering from a cavernoma, an issue pertaining to the blood vessels in the brain. Lovato opened up on these health concerns on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, explaining that the issue has put his career on hold. Bellator announced that […]

Rafael Lovato Jr's story is a reminder that MMA is more than just wins, losses, and titles

The recent headlines in the world of MMA have consisted of: two fighters at the top of their division getting into an argument on Radio Row at the Super Bowl, and an ESPN personality getting ripped for his lack of knowledge on the sport, however, there’s a far greater and more important story happening in […]

Bellator middleweight champion Rafael Lovato Jr. reveals he has a rare brain condition, career on pause

Rafael Lovato Jr. doesn’t know if he will fight again. The 36-year-old has not fought since his upset win over Gegard Mousasi to win the Bellator middleweight title in June of 2019. He’s 10-0 as a pro recently discovered he has a problem that went undetected because he often fought with commissions that didn’t require […]

Gegard Mousasi explains why he believes Rafael Lovato Jr. is on steroids

According to Gegard Mousasi, there is one telltale sign that gives away Bellator middleweight champ Rafael Lovato Jr.’s alleged PED-use use. The Iranian-Dutchman believes the middleweight’s nipples are dead giveaway. Mousasi once again lobbed some accusations in Lovato’s direction after Saturday’s Bellator 228 card, where he defeated Lyoto Machida by decision. “That guy looked like […]

Gegard Mousasi says he should have beaten Rafael Lovato Jr. 'even with him using PEDs'

At Bellator London, Rafael Lovato Jr. shocked many as he defeated Gegard Mousasi by majority decision to become the new middleweight champion. But, the now former champion claims the 36-year-old was on PEDs for the fight. “I should have won this match even with him using PEDs,” Mousasi said on Vechtersbazen Podcast (as transcribed by […]