USADA says 26-year suspension by Italian Anti-Doping Agency won't affect Mara Romero Borella's UFC career

The wild story surrounding UFC flyweight Mara Romero Borella seems to be coming to a conclusion as we now know that her 26-year suspension by the Italian Anti-Doping Agency will not be affecting her UFC career. Last month Borella had her already 15-year suspension extended after violating contravention of article 4.12.3 of the Italian Anti […]

After receiving 26-year suspension, Mara Romero Borella has 2014 win overturned to no contest

The strange news has followed Italian UFC flyweight Mara Romero Borella this month and it just continues to get a bit stranger. On September 13, Borella received the loftiest of suspensions imaginable in the sports world. That being a 26-year suspension from the Italian Anti Doping Agency. Originally, Borella was already in the midst of a […]

UFC flyweight Mara Romero Borella slapped with 26-year suspension by Italian Anti Doping Agency

If you thought that Nick Diaz’ suspension of five years back in 2015 for marijuana use was a long one…then wait until you hear about this one. The UFC’s first Italian female fighter to win in the organization was flyweight contender Mara Romero Borella. Borella also competed in the second ever flyweight bout at UFC […]