Former MMA fighter Gina Carano claims Russian invasion of Ukraine due to COVID-19 conspiracy

Gina Carano has shared her take on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The former MMA fighter believes that the war is due to countries losing control of the COVID-19 narrative. The combat sports world has seen many reactions in regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Former boxing champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko have been […]

Gina Carano joins Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in Western film “Terror on the Prairie”

Former MMA fighter Gina Carano will join Donald Cerrone as part of the cash for Terror on the Prairie. Carano, who hasn’t fought professionally since her defeat to Cris Cyborg way back in 2009, has been best known in the last few years for her transition into acting. She featured in a number of notable […]

Gina Carano receives 'shadow ban' from Twitter

Women’s MMA pioneer and Hollywood actress Gina Carano has received a ‘shadow ban’ from Twitter which limits the reach of her tweets. Carano has come under fire lately for some tweets which landed her in hot water with Disney and resulted in her being fired from “The Mandalorian.” Her tweets have apparently now drawn the […]

Gina Carano not fired on political grounds, says Disney CEO

Disney CEO Bob Chapek denies that former MMA star Gina Carano was fired from her role on The Mandalorian on political grounds. Carano, a pioneer of women’s MMA, played the character Cara Dune on the popular Star Wars spinoff, but was bounced from the show after a number of controversial social media posts. The latest […]

Gina Carano sounds off on Disney “bullies” after being let go by Lucasfilm

Former MMA fighter and Disney star Gina Carano has sounded off on her experience at Disney after being let go by Lucasfilm. Carano, who had been one of the featured stars in The Mandalorian on Disney+, was fired after multiple controversial posts on social media. During a recent interview with Daily Wire, Carano went into […]