Mike Jackson opens up on CM Punk fight being overturned to a No Contest due to a failed drug test for marijuana: "It was comical"

Mike Jackson has opened up on his fight against CM Punk being overturned to a No Contest. Jackson earned a decision win over Punk at UFC 225 in Chicago, but about two months after the fight, he got a letter from the Chicago commission saying he failed his drug test. The news surprised him as […]

CM Punk names Japanese legend as his MMA GOAT

CM Punk has named Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba as his MMA Goat. Sakuraba, the 52 year old Japanese fighter began his career as a professional wrestler for UWF International before joining MMA. His list of accomplishments include winning the UFC Japan heavyweight tournament in 1997, as well as many others too long to list, and […]

Roman Reigns slams CM Punk for getting 'whooped' in the UFC: "I don't think anybody really believes someone 200lbs soaking wet..."

Current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns could not resist the opportunity to take a dig at CM Punk over his failed run with the UFC. The former WWE champion and recent AEW addition, Punk (0-1 with 1 no-contest UFC), made two Octagon appearances between September of 2016 and June of 2018. The Chicago native suffered […]

CM Punk officially informs UFC of retirement from MMA as he returns to pro wrestling

CM Punk won’t be competing in MMA anymore. Punk, the former WWE star, turned to MMA in 2016 and made his UFC debut at UFC 203 in Cleveland. It was a massive debut due to his star status in wrestling but he got submitted in the first round to Mickey Gall. Following the loss, it […]

CM Punk's UFC 225 loss to Mike Jackson overturned due to positive marijuana test

CM Punk is no longer 0-2 as an MMA fighter, instead, he’s 0-1 and one No Contest. Punk, a WWE star, crossed over into MMA and made his pro debut at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall where he suffered a first-round submission loss. He didn’t fight again until June 9, 2018, at UFC 225 where […]