Former UFC champion Chuck Liddell open to fighting Jake Paul if offered enough money: “He’s got no chance”

Former UFC star Chuck Liddell has admitted he would be willing to fight Jake Paul if he received the right kind of offer. It was announced earlier this month that Jake Paul has signed a deal to fight with PFL. He will head up their new Super Fight division, although it has yet to be […]

Chuck Liddell’s ex-wife claims ‘The Iceman’ is suffering from CTE: “He can’t remember stuff and gets stuck on speech”

Chuck Liddell’s ex-wife is claiming ‘The Iceman’ is suffering from CTE. It was almost a year ago that former light heavyweight champion and UFC hall of famer Chuck Liddell (21-9 MMA) split from his wife Heidi Northcott after 10 years of marriage and entered into a custody battle over their children. The couple have two […]

Chuck Liddell riding with fellow legend Anderson Silva to finish Jake Paul: "He's got nothing to lose"

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell believes that Anderson Silva will knockout Jake Paul. ‘The Spider’ has been out of action since his no-contest exhibition boxing match with Bruno Machado in May. The bout was the Brazilian’s third since departing the UFC in 2020. Silva had previously scored victories over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and […]

Chuck Liddell sends message of support to Cain Velasquez during attempted murder trial: "We love you"

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is the latest to show support to Cain Velasquez. Earlier this year, the former UFC heavyweight champion was arrested on attempted murder charges. The former MMA fighter reportedly chased a man through traffic and fired at his vehicle several times. Over the following weeks, more details were released as […]

Watch Chuck Liddell freak out after longtime friend Glover Teixeira wins the UFC light heavyweight title

Watch Chuck Liddell freak out after his longtime friend Glover Teixeira won the UFC light heavyweight title on Saturday at UFC 267. Teixeira and Liddell are longtime friends and former training partners at The Pit under the tutelage of coach John Hackleman. The two fighters have remained good friends for years since then, and this […]