Following Silva Fight Fitch Believes He Has Caught His Second Wind | UFC NEWS

“Erick Silva’s a very tough fighter, but I believe this is the new Jon Fitch. I kinda got a second wind in my career, and we’re gonna see a lot of bigger and better fights for me.”

“I think it’s partly an accumulation of years of training and finally having the confidence in my full skill set, to really open up and not worry about making mistakes in a fight, knowing that even if I do make a mistake, I’ll be able to find my way back on top for the win.”

“The welterweight class is so up in the air right now, that I don’t really know who I’d have to fight that could put me in that kind of position. All I know is that I need big fights and impressive fights, like the last one. Whoever they put me up against, I just hope to have a good showing against them to get me closer to a shot at the title.”

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“It can be frustrating, but as long as you’re going out there and producing in fights that the fans wanna see, and convincing the fans that you’re the guy that deserves that shot, then it’s a little less frustrating, if you accept how it is and move forward from there.”


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