Ed Soares: California’s Commission is unethical, unorganized, completely ridiculous joke | MMA NEWS

“Once again, it goes to show you what a joke the California State Athletic Commission is,” said Soares. “It’s just a bunch of idiots out there, man. I just can’t believe that they’d sit there and admit they were wrong the way that they did. ‘Oh yeah, we did this wrong, we did that. There was a line of custody, a chain of custody that was wrong. But, we’ll fix it next time.’ For now he still has a full-year suspension. It’s completely ridiculous. I don’t even know what else to say.”

“In any court of law (this wouldn’t stand). They basically had the wrong date on the paperwork, they had the urine sample taken from the wrong location. Che Guevara said that he threw away the urine sample on the 18th, which he didn’t. It was another guy. The guy lied under oath. Where does it begin? If we were in a court of law, that case would’ve been thrown out. In the chain of custody, how could you have the wrong date, the wrong place where you took the sample, and still consider it fine? That’s ridiculous.”

“It’s a joke. I hope they can’t take away my promoter’s license, but I guess Dana has had his share of words with the athletic commissions. But what I believe is that they’re unethical, they’re unorganized, and it just doesn’t make any sense they way that they operate.”

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