Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Devastating ‘G.I. Choke’

Once again we have another frighteningly brutal choke from Mike Bidwell, who you may remember from THIS video where he demonstrates the 'Evil...

Brutal “Evil Ninja Choke” Submission

If this isn't one of the most brutal chokes we've ever seen (Besides THIS baseball bat choke), we're not sure how much more...

Brutal ‘Baseball Bat’ Choke Leaves 3 Grapplers Out Cold

For those familiar with JiuJitsu, specifically Gi JiuJitsu, we know 'baseball bat' chokes are some of the most devastating chokes out there. Watch...

Impressive Choke Leaves Opponent Unconscious In JiuJitsu Tournament

Check out this very slick collar choke that leaves this JiuJitsu competitor out cold!

Clark Gracie Lands Omoplata To Collar Choke While Acknowledging Camera

Clark Gracie lands this impressive Omoplata to modified Imanari choke using his opponents gi, and to top it off, he smiles and gestures to...

Romulo Barral Shows Off ‘Neck Punch’ Choke

BJJ legend Romulo Barral shows off one of his extremely deadly submissions from top position, the 'neck punch'. Check it out: Has anyone had success with...

FAIL! JiuJitsu Instructor Doesn’t Realize He Choked Out His Assistant

Clearly the technique is effective, we can see one brother choke out the other while demonstrating this JiuJitsu Gi choke.