Zingano: Ref Made The Right Call, Kept Tate Safe

“It sucks to have a controversial call. You never like to hear, ‘Oh, that shouldn’t have ended the fight’ or whatever. That sucks. I walked away because I felt she was done. If I didn’t think the fight was over I would’ve needed to be pulled off her. Between the three of us sitting right there and the damage Miesha was taking to her face, when the referee stepped in, that’s why it was easy to turn and walk away. Because it was about time. It was within a matter of a couple more strikes before it was going to be beyond return.

I kind of wish it would have gone on a little longer so there’s no questions, but I think [referee Winslow] did good job keeping Miesha safe.”

Newly crowned UFC number one contender, Cat Zingano, recently told “The MMA Hour” that she believes the ref made the right call in her fight against Miesha Tate.

Tate came out, post-fight, and disputed the stoppage, saying she was still in the fight. However if you ask Cat, as stated above, she believes Miesha would have just got a worse beating if the ref didn’t jump in.

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