Zingano Finds Motivation In Motherhood Ahead Of UFC Return

Cat Zingano

“When life is going to present you with tons of problems — really hard ones, some less hard, some debilitating — it’s what you do about them that matters. I really want him (her son) to see. I want to make a good example.”

“I just knew it was a matter of action and a matter of time. What’s in me is un-nameable. I don’t know how to describe it to you guys. But I am just confident and I know what I’m capable of and no one has still seen it.”

“I have heart and you can’t break heart. You can sit there and punch me in the head for three minutes straight, but I’m gonna figure it out. I always do. I just know that about myself. Part of me thinks that I almost need to feel everything they have and once I’ve felt it all, once I’m like, ‘Alright, you’ve given me everything, you have nothing left to give.’ I’m like, ‘all right, my turn.’ “

“I need to keep moving forward and just see the white dove at the end of all this. Being strong, showing that you will see things through no matter what comes your way, that’s what matters most to me.”

Ahead of her UFC title shot, opposite Ronda Rousey, top UFC female Cat Zingano discussed coming back from personal tragedy, to fight for the UFC strap.


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