Zahabi: ‘I think GSP will fight again’


“[GSP] has no plans right now. We’re supposed to start some martial arts training by the end of this month, and we’re going to take it from there, step-by-step. Everybody wants to know what his decision is going to be. The guy hasn’t rolled on the mat yet. I mean, how can he know? I don’t think he could really know, and there’s no reason for him to rush back with a decision. He has no definite plans whatsoever, that’s the bottom line. That’s not the answer everybody wants to hear, but it’s the truth. No matter what anybody tells you, he still has not made up his mind.”

“I think Georges cannot separate himself from MMA, from martial arts. I don’t think he could. I think it’s carved out a part of his psyche, I think he’s done it since he was so young, I think it’s who he is. It protected him in the school yard, it created him living. I don’t think he could successfully separate himself from MMA.

“But I also don’t think he’s going to go into fighting until he’s 50, either. I think he’s always going to be involved in martial arts, and when his body can’t fight anymore, I think he’s a smart enough guy to tell himself no. But I was working out with him two weeks ago and his body is in ridiculous shape. I mean, his fitness is incredible. So I can’t see why not. But again, I don’t want to speak for him, that’s his decision. I’m just thinking that he’s in such great shape right now that, I assume if he gets the motivation to do a fight, he’ll do it.”


In a recent interview with, GSP coach, Firas Zahabi talked about the potential return of the former UFC welterweight champion.

Think he’ll be back?

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