WWE’s McMahon predicts ‘somebody is going to die’ in the UFC

Vince McMahon
Exiled former WWE champ, CM Punk is making headlines this week for comments about his former employer, as they relate to Mixed Martial Arts, and the UFC.

In an interview with the ‘Art of Wrestling Podcast‘ (transcribed by cageside seats), CM Punk gives some startling details about Vince McMahon’s view of “Ultimate Fighting”.

Check it:

“I’ll give you another example: ‘Hey, my friend Chael (Sonnen) is fighting in Chicago for UFC and I already talked to them and they’re totally cool with the idea, I’m going to walk him to the Octagon. Tomorrow is the Royal Rumble so it will get some last minute buys and whether Chael wins or loses, no offense to Chael, nobody is going to be talking about him, they’re going to be talking about the WWE champion walking him to the Octagon. ‘Oh my god, Phil, no, we can’t do that. That’s barbaric. Somebody is going to die!’ And then I had to remind him, well, you know, ‘I don’t know if you remember Owen Hart or not, you know, cause he sort of died in your ring.’ He said somebody is going to die in the Octagon. I just think that was his… he was distancing himself from such a horrible, barbaric product. And I reminded him how horrible and barbaric pro wrestling is, you know. And then he was also like ‘Did you know that they’re going to have women fight in the Octagon soon?’ And I was like ‘yeah, and it’s the fucking coolest thing in the world and it’s going to be the hottest fucking thing, you’ll see.'”

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