WWE’s Goldberg In Talks To Fight For Glory


“We own Extreme Power Muay Thai here in Oceanside, [San Diego] California and I was in the gym with Ajarn Ruben. He is not really a social media guy and I wanted to show him how social media worked.

“So GLORY 19 was on [that] night and.. You know for me, as a longtime combat sports fan, the first two fights on GLORY 19 were some of the most exciting combat sports I have ever seen in my life. I mean standing on the edge of your seat waiting for somebody to get dropped any second.

“I put a tweet out saying ‘everybody watching GLORY tonight?’ and GLORY retweeted it and they said ‘We didn’t know you were a fan’. And I said ‘yeah I am such a fan I am training with two pros tomorrow morning’, and I mentioned who they were. And they came back and said ‘hey if we offered you a contract would you consider it?’ And I was like ‘Rueben, this is exactly what social media does!’ You want to reach out and touch people and affect people? You can do it instantly!

“Its an honor for them to even consider me for [GLORY] and I am seriously considering it. I don’t have anything to lose, I don’t have anything to prove. I just like being competitive, training three or four days a week. It’s fun man, I really want to do it, the point is, who do I do it with? So we will see man.”

While on his podcast, Who’s Next, Bill Goldberg discussed the very real possibility that he could be turning to combat sports.

Would you tune in?