WSOF Wants Melvin Guillard, Promises Title Shot Within Two Wins

After his unfortunate UFC release, Melvin Guillard, is on the outside and looking for a new fighting home for the first time in nearly 10-years.

His storied UFC career started in 2005 and saw many ups-and-downs, but for sure, the one thing you could always count on with Guillard is, entertainment.

That’s probably why the WSOF brass is so vocal about their ambitions to acquire the lightweight MMA star.

Check it:

“I have big interest in Melvin. The guy is exciting and he always puts on great fights win, lose or draw. And I got the chance to train with him and spar with him, and the guy if he’s focused, and he’s training, Melvin Guillard is dangerous. I’d like to maybe get him a couple of wins, and maybe he can fight for the title one day. [Melvin] said he wanted to be a champion, and he fought in the UFC five or six times and didn’t get a title shot. Listen, get two wins in here and you get a title shot.”

РVice President Ali Abdel-Aziz (via MMA Fighting)

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