Woodley’s Had It! Unloads On Bloodthirsty Fans


People! Quit saying don’t leave it in the judges hands! That’s the stupidest comment ever. Your sound bites are delusional. No fighter thinks ‘Hey I’m going to leave it in the judges’ hand’. No fighter wants to get finished. The higher you go in competition the closer the match up is! Quit being a recorder and repeating everything you hear Joe or Dana say. Be an individual and fan. Know you have no clue the mental capacity It takes to compete on this level. The sacrifice, diet, training, sparring, luck, favor, being at the top during you peak, and being fortunate to not have substantial injuries during 3-4 training camps per year. Not to include family, finance, life struggles, and uncontrollable variables. We ufc fighters appreciate your passion, but you are passionate to a fault. Living through these Sat fight nights, taking stabs and shots at people you don’t know from a stranger on the street. Life is larger than the octagon. Sun after u are done talkin about the fight. Monday you go back to work. We go back to work in the gym. To fulfill these ridiculous expectations you blood thirsty fans want to see. Risking our health, time with family and the leisure activity you get to enjoy on the weekend. I challenge all non fighters To do a 8wk camp and take 1 amateur fight to appreciate what we do more deeply and become a more conditional fan. #SoapBoxOver #JustSaying

Taking to twitter, top UFC welterweight fighter Tyron Woodley goes off on fans.

Do you agree ?

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