Will The UFC Cut Nick Diaz For DUI and Drug Testing Issues?

Nick Diaz

The UFC is not a place of logic, I think we can all agree on that. From Alexander Gustafsson getting a title shot after getting KO’d, to most recently, the firing of longtime veteran cutman ‘Stitch’ Duran. A lot of their decisions just do not make sense.

I am not naive. I know that the thing that drives most, if not all, of these decisions is money, plain and simple. Gustafsson is a name, especially in Europe, so therefore he’s their best option to make money (sorry Ryan Bader).

Such is the case with Nick Diaz. Look, whether you like the guy or not, you’re still going to watch him fight and the UFC knows this. That’s why they mysteriously bend the rules when it plays into their favor. How many drug tests has Diaz failed for marijuana? The answer is 3. How did former UFC fighter Matt Riddle fail? The answer is 2. And what happened to him, he got canned right away. This isn’t a knock on Diaz, the guy’s a fighter and brings it every fight, this is just to show that the UFC doesn’t exactly follow their own rules when it comes to discipline, only when it doesn’t effect them financially. So why is the UFC holding on to Diaz, is he in that special class of fighters? You know, the Jon Jones’, who aren’t going to be cut no matter what they do, because the UFC knows they can still make a profit off of them.

If the UFC did release Diaz, it’s a fair assessment to think that all of the other major promotions would swoop in and try to grab him. Bellator, WSOF, possibly even an organization over in Japan, everyone would want Diaz and guess what, the UFC knows this.

So, will the UFC cut Nick Diaz because of his recent DUI sentencing, where he’ll serve two days in prison, and his multiple failed drug tests, or will they continue to play the ‘what’s best for us’ game? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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