Will Georges St-Pierre be Ambassador of a New Fighters Union?


Say what?

Last week ears began to perk up when rumors started to spread that former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre would be accepting a role as ambassador of a new fighters union.

It really started to take off when UFC referee Yves Lavigne started retweeting tweets sent out by @fighters_union, stating that the former champ would be the new fighters union ambassador. One of those tweets contained a picture of an apparent press release announcing the news, which Lavigne posted and asked if it was real.

” MMA Fighters Union and George St-Pierre announce launch!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – MMA Fighters Union together with it’s ambassador MMA/UFC Fighter George St-Pierre announced today that the MMA Fighters Union is launched.

MMA Fighters Union expect this launch to improve Fighters finance and widen its career base. In addition MMA Fighters Union will support fighters in their negotiations with MMA Promotions.

The launch will permit MMA Fighters use lawyers who work for MMA Fighters Union.

More information is expected to be released following a MMA Fighters Union meeting on January 24, 2014.


To learn more about this launch, please contact

Joao Alfredo Horta, MMA Fighters Union
Twitter: @fighters_union ”


According to Kiran Mcnairn of Middleeasy.com the whole story was a fake and just a stunt by the @fighters_union account to gain some attention. The rumor was killed when Gabriel Beland, a French reporter, verified that he spoke to an agent of GSP’s.

Bing! translator-  “Just talked to an agent of GSP: the history of the Union is a hoax he said. There is no interview to CNN.”


Well it might not be true but since the topic has been brought up, is a fighters union a good idea?

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