Will Brooks: ‘Chandler a product of a pumped up ego’

Will Brooks
“I chalk it up to, his ego doesn’t allow him to step outside of himself and really examine the big picture. I think sometimes his ego and the people around him pump his ego so much that he’s not allowed to see his different things. But it’s not my problem. I control what I can control and he can control what he needs to do.”

“As far as being 100 percent healthy or, training for Alvarez, or this and that, personally I would never approach it like that. I was training for a three-round fight, against, nothing against Nate Jolly, but he’s a lower-level guy. I was training to go out there and practice some skills I had been working on. I went out there and I made that adjustment. It may not have been the prettiest thing in the world, but I did it, and I think if I would have ended up not walking away with the belt, I would have been the same guy. I would have approached it and said ‘today was not my night,’ and moved on.”

During Wednesday’s open workouts, Bellator lightweight champ Will Brooks discussed this weekend’s bout against Michael Chandler.

Who ya got?

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