Why The UFC Should Book Nate Diaz Vs. Conor McGregor

Nate McGregor side by side


Right now the MMA world is in a state of anticipation. We know that UFC champion Jose Aldo was hurt on Tuesday and that his chances of fighting at UFC 189 in two weeks are slim.

There has been no official statement from the UFC on Aldo or on any changes to the night’s main event, but, that doesn’t mean there won’t be. If Aldo can’t go then the UFC will need to work fast to find a suitable replacement. So, who should step up take on the Irishmen in Vegas?

How about Nate Diaz?

There have been a few names thrown around since the news came out yesterday, but Diaz seems like the most logical, being a massive draw and doesn’t mess up the UFC’s plans for McGregor and Aldo.

Yes, of course fighters like Chad Mendes and Frankie Edgar could make sense as far as rankings and number one contender matches go, but if McGregor loses to either of them there goes all the money and hype built into trying to get McGregor vs. Aldo as big as it has become.

However, if Nate Diaz fights McGregor at lightweight and beats him then who cares. It doesn’t mess up his rankings in the featherweight division and the UFC would still be able to do a fight with Aldo when he’s ready. Plus, it’s two weeks out and McGregor would probably enjoy not having to cut all that weight he usually cuts and could fight at 155 instead.

Finally, lets just be honest, Diaz vs. McGregor, who does not want to see those two in the cage together, or those two staring each other down at weigh-ins talking back and forth. It seems pretty obvious that this would make sense to all parties involved. The UFC makes money because Diaz and McGregor are a massive draw, McGregor won’t mess up his featherweight rankings and can fight at lightweight, Nate Diaz gets to get back in the cage with one of the biggest fighters in the world right now on a massive card and the fans, well, the fans get to watch one hell of a fight between two of the biggest personalities in MMA history.



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