WHOA! Bounce Off The Ropes, Flying Elbow KO (Replay)

Sometimes the ropes can help you out and sometimes they can assist you in getting knocked out, this clip shows the latter.

Another, perhaps even more interesting thing about this KO, is the fact that it’s a freaking flying elbow KO.

Have you even heard of that before? I mean we’ve all seen out share of flying stuff, like knees and kicks and superman punches and on and on, but an elbow? That seems absurd.

During this Muay Thai fight one guy gets stunned by a punch, backs up into the ropes, bounces off of them and then suffers an elbow fight to his head. Goodnight. The fighter dropped immediately from the brutal strike and the ref stopped the bout.

Check it out!


Some people think elbows in MMA should be banned because of how much damage they can inflict, where do you guys stand on that argument? For or against?

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