White Weighs In On Rousey’s Star Power: She Will Get The Most Media Coverage In History | UFC NEWS

Let’s face it, there are haters everywhere, from the media to the fans, not everyone is a Ronda Rousey fan.

During this week’s UFC 156 media event, UFC president Dana White defended the criticism and praised his first ever female champion on the record.

“Right now we haven’t even started promoting that fight,” said White. “In the lead up to this fight, you’re going to see coverage of Ronda Rousey like this sport has never seen. She’s going to be everywhere. The Los Angeles Times has been following her for about a month and she’s going to be getting a front page story. HBO Real Sports just got done shooting her, Time Magazine, everyone. The list goes on-and-on. The list of media sources that are going to covering this, no fighter in the history of UFC will have the kind of coverage Ronda will have.

“Nobody ever, if you look at all the guys like Chuck Liddell, Tito, Matt Hughes, nobody in the history of this sport has brought attention to the sport like Ronda Rousey will leading up to that fight. The mainstream media she’ll be pulling is ridiculous. Just the story in Forbes , she’s being put in the company of Durant, LeBron James and Tom Brady. That’s what these dorks on the Internet don’t see.”

Will the coverage go away should she lose?

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