White Says ‘No’ To Serra vs. Hughes II

Two players from the old-school turned heads yesterday after a twitter convo ended with a, ‘Call Dana’.

Matt Serra and Matt Hughes have a storied rivalry that started with a TUF season and ended in a ‘Fight of the Night’ earning battle (That Hughes won). I use the term ‘ended’ loosely though, because as of yesterday, the two former champions were trying to set up a fight.

Unfortunately for fight fans, Dana White nixed the idea during today’s Media Scrum.

“I get it, they don’t like each other. It’s not even a sideshow. Both great competitors, great champions. Matt Hughes is a guy who helped us build this thing, as did Serra. Serra was always a great guy to us. But this doesn’t need to happen… Where are they going to fight, super¬†heavyweight?”

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