White Promises Olympic Style Testing For A ‘Clean Vitor Belfort’ Ahead Of UFC 181

Vitor Belfort dodged a major bullet today when the NSAC decided to grant him a conditional license to fight. (See that HERE)

But now he’s under the microscope and will be subjected to what will likely be the most strenuous drug testing regime in MMA History in the lead up to his newly confirmed UFC 181 title fight against Chris Weidman. (Announcement HERE)

It’s the consequence of several factors, but Dana White is guaranteeing fight fans a fair and honest fight come Dec 6 as a result.

“If Vitor gets licensed, from now until the fight with Weidman, they’re going to Olympic-style test him like crazy,” White told UFC.com. “If he’s on anything, if he does anything, he’ll get caught. When he fights Chris Weidman, he’ll be 100 percent clean.”

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