White Hasn’t Talked With GSP Since Unveiling New Drug-Testing Plans

UFC welterweight champion

Dana GSP

Georges St. Pierre has always been very vocal about his stance regarding PEDs in the sport, and his dislike for them. St. Pierre even went as far as to cite the sports rampant PED problem as a reason for his indefinite retirement from the sport.

With the recent string of drug testing failures, the UFC announced new harsher penalties for PED users, which one would think would make GSP happy, however UFC President Dana White hasn’t talked with St. Pierre yet.

He spoke to AXS TV at UFC 184:

“I haven’t really spoken to him. I’ve asked him if he wants to fight and things like that. You know, this is one of those sports – I say this all the time – if a guy doesn’t want to fight, the last thing you want to do is pressure a guy to fight. Georges St-Pierre doesn’t want to fight. And, if Georges St-Pierre wants to retire? I get it. He goes out on top, he’s made a lot of money, and he’s doing movies now. If he’s ready to retire, I’m never going to be the guy to pressure him into coming back.”

“You have to want to do this, and apparently Georges doesn’t.”

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