Dana White Responds To Wanderlei’s ‘Slave’ Comments

Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva’s relationship with the UFC doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Silva, who has been banned from the sport after literally running away from a drug test, is shaming the UFC, saying they have treated him like a slave.

Read Silva’s statement from his Facebook page below:

“You know that I’ve been chased, discriminated, treated like a slave by this promotion. They don’t want to release me from the contract, so I can’t work anymore, which is my right of not wanting to work for them anymore, and I can’t work anywhere else. I come here asking the UFC to release me from this slavery system. You work for them or don’t work anywhere else. Some good soul, please translate this and send to Dana. I know I will find the best lawyers to help me with that.”

Last night after UFC Fight Night 62, at the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White responded to Silva’s statement with his own.

“Wanderlei Silva ran form a drug test. He ran from a drug test. If he’s a slave, he’s a slave of his own doing. He did this to himself. The UFC didn’t do anything to Wanderlei Silva. Actually, everything that’s happening to Wanderlei Silva, he brings to himself.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter