White Comments On Jon Jones’ Brief Stint In Rehab

Dana White unhappy

Dana White


“Everybody was talking about, ‘Oh, he really didn’t go to rehab.’ He went for a 24-hour evaluation into rehab. They evaluated him for 24 hours. When the 24 hours was up they said, ‘You are not an addict.’ OK? But my thing was if you’re doing that four weeks before the biggest fight of your life there’s some type of problem there. There’s something wrong.”

“He’s doing out-patient counseling now. He’s talking to counselors. I just want to make sure … this kid has so much talent. It’s always the guys with tons of talent that you go, ‘Why is this guy doing this?’ I want to try to help the guy.

“They said he didn’t need to stay there. If they would have determined that he needed to stay he would have stayed.”


While a guest on yesterday’s Jim Rome show, UFC President Dana White discussed his light-heavyweight champ’s brief, almost non-existent stint in drug rehabilitation.