Weidman Slams Belfort: “I’m Going To Embarrass Him”

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Chris Weidman was forced out of his UFC 181 fight against Vitor Belfort with a broken hand, however Vitor Belfor began saying the UFC needs to have an interim belt until Weidman returns, which is believed to be February, just 2 months after their scheduled fight at UFC 181.

Weidman spoke on The MMA Hour:

“He’s just looking to talk some smack, looking to juice up the fight a little bit. But I just fought in July, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like I’ve been out for a year. We were supposed to fight in July, and he’s the one that had to pull out of the fight because he failed a drug test. So this guy is failing drug tests and he has the audacity, the balls to talk junk about me not fighting, and he hasn’t fought since November. What if he gets the belt, what’s going to happen there? So it makes no sense, what he said about me. I just laughed it off. But to be honest with you, at this point, I’m going to have a lot of fun with him. I am going to go in there and embarrass him. This is not going to be a close fight. I am going to completely embarrass him in that cage. I am going to make him look like an old man who withered away. I am going to embarrass him now. This just gave me more of a reason to embarrass him. It doesn’t affect me too much, it just gives me a little nudge. It makes it easier for me to talk (trash). In my mind, I always wanted to embass him, now I’m saying it. I want to completely toy with him. I want to beat him up standing, throw him on his butt, smack him a couple of times when he’s on the ground. Make him almost tap, then let go of it, let him stand up, beat him up on the feet, then take him down again. Just completely make a mockery of him.”

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