Weidman: ‘Jacare more dangerous than Rockhold’

Chris Weidman

Weidman on Belfort UFC 187

Chris Weidman keeps saying he isn’t concerned with who he fights next, but does believe one of them is more dangerous then the other.

The UFC is still undecided on whether Luke Rockhold or Jacare Souza will get the next shot, but the champ went on The MMA Hour on Tuesday and said he believes Souza would be the tougher fight, saying that Rockhold isn’t great anywhere.

“I would expect a tough fighter, but I’m running right through any of these guys. [Rockhold]’s well rounded, but he’s not great anywhere. He’s not the best striker I’ve ever fought, he’s not the best jiu-jitsu guy I ever fought. Jacare brings a different element, he’s really good on the ground and he’s probably more dangerous on the feet than Rockhold. Rockhold is well-rounded and keeps a good solid pace going throughout the whole fight. They are two completely different fighters. If I was to say who was more dangerous, it would probably be Jacare, but there are probably more holes in his game than Rockhold.”

Come on UFC just decide already!

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