Weidman Coach: Fluke talk could get 40-Year Old Concussed Silva Hurt

“As a coach… everyone wants at least one champion. To have two, and to have them both start as young kids, or young adults that are from the neighborhood…Any time you have a guy that’s considered unbeatable, the aftermath, especially right after there, people were confused. I mean, the Brazilians, they didn’t know what to do. He did it with Forrest, he did it with Bonnar. Weidman does it, and it’s not acceptable. If he would have missed with that left hook, Silva comes back with a right hand and drops him, he’s a hero. I think anybody who’s in the know doesn’t pay any attention to that.

“Nobody’s taking that victory away. We all know what happened, and anybody who’s worked out with him, sparring or wrestling, they know he’s going to do it again. If they motivate him by saying this was a fluke, he might kill a guy, yeah, he’ll hurt him… he’s that type of guy, yeah. You’re taking a 40 year old man who got his head bounced off the canvas. Like what doctor is he going to that is going to reccomend that he get back in there? ‘Couple of months, that’s good.’ Just had a major concussion. ‘Yah put him in that’s good…’ Guy’s 40 years old, he’s got a big task ahead of him…”

Ray Longo has cultivated the careers of two UFC champions in Matt Serra and now Chris Weidman. In this interview with Ring Fever he discusses the Silva/Weidman rematch and what he expects the outcome to be.


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