WATCH! DADA 5000’s BYB Cage Fights Are Going Down Live On A Miami Cruise Ship — 9 PM ET

Dada 5000 is bringing you live hard hitting action here on BJPENN.COM with BYB Extreme Fighting Series’ Battleship 1.

The event, which will air Friday night at 9 PM ET, will feature eight fights that will all take place in what Dada has coined ‘The Trigon’, which is a triangle shaped cage built to promote confrontation and prevent ‘dancing around’ or ‘running’.

Also, the event is taking place on Miami cruise ship!

No Gloves
No Rounds
No Groin Strikes
10 Minute Fight Limit
No Hitting Behind The Head
No Hitting A Man While He’s Down
No Hitting While Grabbing The Fence


If for some reason the above player is not streaming correctly, GO HERE.

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