WATCH! Boxer demands referee to ‘stop the fight’ in one-sided match

There are fights in combat sports where it gets increasingly uncomfortable as a fan to watch when a fighter is getting outclassed. As a spectator, we always have the option to either turn our heads or change the channel if it gets to an extreme level; Watching someone get repeatedly punched in the skull can only be fun for so long.

Boxer Willis Meehan could not change the channel, though, as he was in the ring when he was pummeling Leamy Tato for several seconds. As each shot landed, you could see the fighting spirit leave Tato’s body and concern grow over Meehan’s eyes.

After several shots landed, Meehan demanded the referee to step in and “stop the F****** fight” split seconds before the referee actually did. Was the referee out of position? Was he late in the stoppage? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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