War Machine Posts Some Crazy Threatening Video’s Then Withdraws From Bellator Tourny

The story title really has two different subject matters in it.

For that I apologize, I just didn’t see the need to make two stories about War Machine today.

In an odd move, one of Bellator’s, more recognizable welterweight’s, War Machine, has been posting troubling, some would even say, nonsensical babbling, video’s to his Youtube channel covering everything from the lady at 7-11 to the old guy at the gym. All of who he wishes physical harm upon.

Those are below:

Now that the video shame is out-of-the-way, here’s a tweet chain from War Machine about his sudden and unfortunate removal from Bellator’s welterweight tournament.Bummer!

Is this guy all there, or are there some screws loose? Let me know your thoughts!

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