Wanderlei Silva Wants Sonnen In Brazil Or Oregon

“I talked to the boss and said that I can fight Sonnen in Brazil or in Oregon. I want to beat him in front of all his friends. I want them to watch how bad I will destroy him. I’d be down to fight in his backyard. You can call all his friends. I want Sonnen to feel ashamed of how bad he’ll be beaten by me.

I would fight him if he wins or loses against Rashad. I have no problems with that. I’m not that type of guy that only accepts a fight when a guy is coming off a win. That’s an interesting fight and I will have to be ready because he’s a good athlete, and I want to be able to do everything that the fans expect me to do against him: beat his ass.”

Ready to settle one of the biggest rivals in MMA, Wanderlei Silva, tells MMAFighting.com that he wants to fight Chael Sonnen in either fighter’s home territory.

Currently Sonnen has a bout booked opposite Rashad Evans, and Wanderlei doesn’t care what the outcome is, so long as he gets his hands on the man who has disrespected him for years.

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